Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs and Canines: Baby is on the Way, So How About that Dog?

Babies are a delight and having one or more will change your life literally overnight. The arrival of a little one will dramatically change the entire dynamic in your home and your dog will be aware of it rather quickly. With an infant in your home or on its way very soon, you should not be worrying about how your dog will respond to the new baby. John Van Olden knows most dogs in this scenario do just fine and without any serious issues, but there are still some dogs that can show the signs of stress, jealousy, confusion and that’s right–even aggression in the presence of an infant. John realizes that every situation is different and that’s why we deal with each one individually and with a careful touch.

What is Cribs & Canines?

Recently, John founded the Cribs and Canines training program to placate the expectant parents, as well as creating a drama-free transition period for the dog as he/she becomes acclimated and comfortable around the baby. It is totally natural for a new family member to change the overall dynamic, including things such as feelings, daily routines, etc. John Van Olden is here to lead the dog and owner/parent to victory with their new family while bypassing anxiety and jealousy that will inevitably cause stress and other related behavioral problems with the family and in the home.

John will almost immediately surmise your dog’s needs, instructing him/her to exhibit calm manners (examples: no jumping, snatching, aggressive play, nipping , etc.), while also introducing real-life situations that will correctly prepare the dog for before your baby is even born and brought to the family. John will show he/she how to stay calm and collected in the baby’s presence while dealing successfully with things like the baby’s stroller, the ongoing TLC the baby will receive, and all of the ancillary factors that will make your canine anxious, territorial, aggressive and fearful.

Who is this program for?

Our Cribs and Canines program is available to both expecting parents and parents of a newborn, who are encountering problems with their dog’s behavioral toward baby or young ones in general. Our mission is always to reach YOUR training goals while ensuring a safe, happy and positive environment for the entire family!

Give John Van Olden a call at 302.526.2181 for any questions on our Cribs and Canines protocol. We’re excited to helping both your baby AND fur baby!

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