Puppy Training

Rehoboth Beach Puppy Training Program

Puppy Training Puts You and Your Pup in a Good Place

Everyone loves a puppy, until they have a major accident in the house or eat your favorite ottoman. That moment right after getting a puppy is a stressful and frenetic time, with long nights and crazy days, not to mention the incessant nipping, crying and whining. (Not to mention the puppy!) John Van Olden serves many puppy owners living in Dover and the Delaware Beaches and the surrounding region and we get consistently amazing results.

They’re Cute Today, But They Do Grow Up

Puppies bring people joy and that’s understandable. Just search for “puppies” on YouTube and you will see that puppies are and will always be exceedingly popular. But, there is also a lot of confusion and aggravation when it comes to raising a puppy–not to mention the responsibility that you have taken on for this young and growing animal. If you don’t get a puppy trained correctly or delay its training, you can end up with a dog that has some genuine issues.

Professional puppy training if performed right is proven to be the #1 way to alleviate future dog behavioral problems!

One Size Does Not Fit All

There are a wide range of puppy training programs on the market today, but the puppy training programs with John Van Olden have distinct advantages that you won’t find elsewhere. By finding the right puppy training program for you and your puppy, we offer several customized versions of our basic puppy training program.

These programs are based on the following:

  • Your puppy’s disposition and personality
  • Your personality and what you expect from the puppy
  • Your current relationship with your puppy and your goals for both of you
  • Your lifestyle and daily schedule
  • Any challenges associated to your home environment

The Puppy Parameters

The puppy training programs with John Van Olden are designed for puppies of all breeds who are less than 16 weeks of age. If your puppy is older than that, he/she would be better suited for our in-home, commitment-based dog training programs.

Whether your puppy is already living with you in your home, or if you’re planning to get a puppy in the very near future, we are the answer for you! We will build a strong connection and establish a rapport with you and your puppy in order to build trust and establish the bond of a lifetime.

We Also Train Puppy Owners Too!

As a puppy owner, we will teach you the following:

  • How to effectively housebreak your puppy (Hint: it does not have to be that hard!)
  • How to show your puppy how to be calm, because hyperactivity surely does not have to be the norm!
  • How to properly exercise your puppy, including loose leash walking
  • Proper greeting behaviors (without the jumping up on people, urinating, and running to the front door!)
  • How to prevent extreme and improper chewing, barking and digging
  • How to decipher your puppy’s body language and gestures
  • How to communicate with your puppy in a way it can understand

Above all, by commencing puppy training early on in your relationship, you can establish for a lifelong relationship of mutual trust and respect now and for the future. Puppy training is the quickest and most effective way to enjoy “man’s best friend” to the fullest.

To learn more, take a quick look out some of our puppy training videos.

For more information about our puppy training programs, please call John Van Olden Professional Dog Training at 302.526.2181, or fill out our contact form. We’re looking forward to hearing more about your puppy soon.

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